The Incredible Convertible Cabin

Hawkeye has a truly unique feature that takes advantage of her fantastic starboard cabin-we can change the layout! See how we transform this amazing space from honeymoon to family setup for children under 10.

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Honeymoon Cabin Setup
This cabin has a lux feel with a large sofa
Family Cabin Setup
For a family feel twin bunks can be added
Twin Bunks
This cabin is for children under 10 (our first mate is quite small...)
Twin Bunks Getting Walls...
For greater privacy the twin bunks can be enclosed
Twin Bunk Door Going On
In the family setup the twin and main cabins can have separate doors
Twin Bunk Cabin Complete
The family cabin with twin bunks enclosed and doors added
Inside Twin Bunk Cabin
A cozy space for children once enclosed
Inside Twin Bunk Cabin
Time to tuck-in the children before aperitifs!
View from Main Cabin
The family cabin seen from the main double cabin
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